FIT BodyWrap (45+ minutes)

FIT BodyWrap (45+ minutes)

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Duration: 25 Minutes
Single Session: $79

  • Package of Four: $199 (Save 25%)
  • Package of six: $294 (Save 38%)
  • Package of 12: $468 (Save 50%)
  • Monthly membership: $499

Weight Loss - Boost metabolism, Burn calories, Shrink fat cells

Pain Relief - Manage and relieve pain from Arthritis & joint pain, Sore muscles, Fibromyalgia & more

Fitness Recovery - Speed muscle recovery, Ease aches & pains, Improve flexibility, Increase endurance

Detoxification - Re-balance digestion, Boost your mood, Improve skin clarify, Feel better

Anti-Aging - Boost collagen production, Minimize signs of photoaging, Improve skin elasticity,Reduce fine lines & wrinkles

Mind/Body Wellness - Experience profound relaxation,Lower stress levels, Reduce anxiety, Improve sleep quality

Cellulite Reduction - Rebuild collagen, Purge fat, Tighten skin, Reduce dimpling

Skin Care - Clear pores, Exfoliate, Manage skin conditions, Prevent & reduce UV damage