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Our intention is to foster an environment for peaceful rejuvenation in a wabi-sabi setting, delivering a personalized experience, in a relaxing location. If you’ve been here, you know. Come by and visit.

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We continue to curate treatments from a journey that started over 25 years ago. You will look and feel better from day one. Just check our reviews.

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Enjoy your personal “me time” to look and feel your best in our private treatment space. Or, if you prefer, please bring your friend(s) or partner for an experience you can all enjoy together.


See the science behind the magic.

Only HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate. HydraFacial super serums are made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow.

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About Us
Our first visit to Serenbe on Amanda’s BD in 2017.

A little about us.

Our vision for a wellness retreat took shape in August 2017, the month after we chose to call Serenbe home.  From Greg’s career in the wellness space, including the opening of the International Dermal Institute in NYC 20 years ago, to Amanda’s wealth of experience in fitness and nutrition, we look forward to being a small part of this vast wellness offering soon to be in Mado.

Nancy S.

"I hadn’t taken care of myself, or my skin, in a while. I’m so glad I did! My face looks amazing after my treatment, and my skin feels like new. Thank you!”

// G-glow treatment (Platinum HydraFacial)
Scott L.

"I find the Bemer Mat is vital in assisting in the recovery process. More than anything else I’ve tried, it helps reduce inflammation and soreness after strenuous exercise.  I recommend it to anyone, from the serious athlete to the weekend warrior."

// Bemer Full-body Mat
Tera H.

My face truly looks amazing!! I’m excited!! Thanks so much."

// G-glow treatment (Platinum HydraFacial)
Cathy G.

"Was amazing and so relaxing! I came home and woke up glowing, with soft skin and younger looking!"

// Signature HydraFacial treatment
Judy W.

"I tried everything, but have always been dissatisfied until now. I noticed the subdermal scarring healing, smoothing out my skin and my hyperpigmentation improved. Six treatments in six months and the changes are remarkable.  Peter and my friends have noticed my skin’s improvement."

// G-glow treatment (Platinum HydraFacial)
Dominique L.

"My skin is still glowing!!!"

// Signature HydraFacial treatment
Lori R.

"Thank you again for the treatment!!! I love it!!"

// G-glow treatment (Platinum HydraFacial)
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Signature HydraFacial
30 minutes
Put your best face forward. Uncover a new layer of skin with a gentle cleanse and exfoliation, a mild peel to prep for relaxing resurfacing, followed by painless vortex extractions to remove debris from pores, and nourish the skin with an intense vortex fusion of antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

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Booster HydraFacial
35 minutes
Boost the Signature HydraFacial with targeted serums to address specific skin concerns. Choose from six boosters: Radiance Boost (minimizes dark spots for an even complexion), Age-Refinement Boost (a Fine Line minimizer), ProTec Plus Boost (instant plumping and hydration), Chrono-Peptide Boost (rebuild, recharge, repair), Lip plumper (for smooth and plumped lips), Eye awakening (gently brighten, tone and firm).
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Platinum HydraFacial
45 minutes
Face life face first with the ultimate HydraFacial experience. Bookend the Signature HydraFacial by beginning the detox process with Lymphatic Drainage. Follow with the Signature HydraFacial. Address specific skin concerns with the booster of your choice. Then bring it home with LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging.

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Nutrient Body Sculpt
60 minutes
Nourish your body and your health with micro-nutrients and minerals delivered through the skin which may best address deficiencies and increase a greater sense of wellbeing. New research shows that absorption of micro-nutrients and minerals through the skin may best address deficiencies.

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